Property Investor Case Story (Oversea)

A successful case of a oversea property investor (Mr Huang)

Mr Huang is an IT consultant and online ecommerce business owner with his wife in Taiwan, Mr Huang came across QICG property in the early 2020 through his friend's referral.

Mr Huang is interested in diversified his investment portfolio to oversea market, he is interested in the property investment in Australia, as he think Australia has a long stable economy growth over the past few decades, and consider investing in Australia will be a safe and stable option for his investment. Mr Huang did some research and found Brisbane, Queensland will be an ideal investment place, as they have a few friends currently living there, and also they have travelled to Australia before, so he chooses the sunshine state Brisbane, Queensland as his ideal investment option.

Consider his own budget around AUD $400,000 - $500,000, and wanting an investment with a land. Mr Huang finds Brisbane has many house and land options here within his budget, compared with other capital cities in Australia Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane medium house price, and its entry point are much more ideal and friendly for his budget.

QICG property consultant have arrange a phone meeting with Mr Huang from oversea through the mobile LINE app, the consultant makes note on Mr Huang's investment requirement, and then recommend the project options available at the time to him. Mr huang take sometime to study the area recommend by the QICG property consultant and come back with the 2 suburbs he and his family is interested in. The QICG property consultant then went to the both project site, took all videos and photos required to enable Mr Huang and his family to make investment decision from oversea. Videos and photos includes all surrounding plazas, public transport, schools, inside of the display house, the land and other specific request details and information from Mr Huang.

Mr Huang is very happy with the all the information he has received and the communication with the QICG property consultant, Mr Huang is ready to make an decision, as he has now done all the study necessary from oversea, and study the project information and area through the videos and photos taken from the QICG property consultant.

Moving on to the contract, Mr Huang would like to negotiate on the price and other benefits from the developer, QICG property consultant makes notes on Mr Huang's offers and went on to help negotiate the deal with the project developer directly, after a few days of negotiation, the consultant has help Mr Huang to come to an agreement with the project developer with a fair discounted market price, also additional upgrades on some inclusion within the building contract. (QICG property consultant has been working with many local developers since 2009, we have established a good long lasting relationship with many major developer locally in Brisbane & Goldcoast, which enable us to obtain competitive pricing and benefits for our clients).

Furthermore with QICG cash back program, Mr Huang received even further discount for his investment property, now Mr Huang has save a lot for his initial down payment for his investment which increase his Investment Return on his invested capital. As Mr Huang is oversea and due to COVID-19 he could not bring his family to Australia, QICG property consultant help to explain the 5 stages of construction when it come to house and land packages here in Australia, the consultant also help with the referral of local lawyer and accountant to help answer all his legal and oversea taxation questions.

Entering into 2021, Mr Huang saw his investment increase 15% in its capital growth and has 0% occupancy rates for his first investment property here in Australia, as QICG property also work with local property management company to help better source quality tenant for his property. Mr Huang approach QICG property again in mid 2021, as his looking for his second investment property here in Australia.

Mr Huang is very happy with the progress and communication with the QICG property consultant. He told QICG property recently that he has recommend QICG property to 2 of his friends in Taiwan, who are also consider to invest in Australia. QICG property are very happy with the feedback from Mr Huang and appreciate Mr Huang and his Family for choosing us as their property consultant here in Australia, we are looking forward to assist Mr Huang and his family to purchase more investment properties here in Queensland and also for any of their investment needs in Commercial or future Immigration visa needs.

"     To QICG Property, I thank you for your patient and service for explaining everything we need to know when in comes to investing property in Australia, we are very happy to able to make an decision while we are overseas ! We are very appreciate your professionalism in communicating with us through the mobile LINE app, you have made our investment in oversea a very simple process and most importantly the property you have recommend has growth in value in a very short time, we can not ask for more when it comes to investing in overseas market, we have already recommend our friends to contact you for their oversea investment needs, we will continue to seek your advice for our future investment needs thanks!     "

Mr Huang - IT Consultant & Online Ecommerce Business Owner in Taiwan.

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