Property Investor Case Story (Local)

A successful case of a local property investor (Mr Tang)

Mr Tang is a local property investor, who came across QICG Property online when searching for his next investment property in Queensland, Australia. Mr Tang filled out the QICG property purchase online form online (see the form below). Within a few hours he received our property consultant message to arrange for a brief phone call and meeting with him in the QICG Brisbane CBD office.

Mr Tang investment budget is around $500,000, he is around 35 years old, a local restaurant owner and a family man with 2 kids. He is looking to purchase an investment property for tax purposes and its stable capital growth in the future. He has been spending some time looking around the Brisbane property market and study on different development projects. When meeting with Mr Tang, the QICG property consultant recommend the current project options which requires to meets Mr Tang investment requirement.

To Meet Mr Tang requirement, all options present to Mr Tang were around $500,000, within the Brisbane City Council area, close to public transport, 5 mins driving distance to the nearby shopping plaza. Mr Tang are looking for investment in House and Land packages, first is to save on some stamp duty ( H&L only needs to pay for stamp duty on the land price not includes the building price, whereas exiting housing will have to pay for the stamp duty on the whole purchasing price ), Second is saving his time worrying about any future defects or major maintenance on the building ( H&L have a standard first year defects warranty, 6 years and 6 months structure warranties according to Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) ). Third, he will able to claim a good amount of tax depreciation on the property every year for the first 10 years, as it is a brand new house. Final, as a busy restaurant owner himself, Mr Tang do not have too much time on hand to go to all open houses and compete with other buyer's offer.

Mr Tang decided the house and land packages option will best suit his investment needs, as Mr Tang only needs to study the area of the current project options in Brisbane in his free time, then decide which options he is most interested in, when he is ready to make an decision he do not need to worry about other competitor competing with the same lot or worrying about the whole project has been sold ( as usually the development will have different stages, and each stages have different lots or similar lots for all buyer needs, so there are more time allow for the buyer to think before making their decision, whereas on second hand residential house if there are other offer on the table, the buyer will force to make a decision within a short notice ).

QICG Property consultant during the process has been attending to different development site together with Mr Tang and explaining the area, giving all information includes price list, house type and also gain developer access to look at a few completed houses in the area. When Mr Tang decided which house and land package he is going to be invested in, the QICG property consultant help to go direct to the project developer and negotiate for the price, upgrades and other benefits for Mr Tang.

Mr Tang are very happy with the final price that QICG property consultant has help to negotiate with the project developer ( includes a highly competitive final contract price, 2 extra air conditioning to be installed, feature walls, and other small inclusion to the building contract ), and also our QICG property buyer cash back program give Mr Tang a much further discount for his initial deposit for his investment property.

QICG Property has continue to help monitor Mr Tang investment property in the system during different building stages, giving Mr Tang in any relevant updates and information. QICG Property keep Mr Tang updated even after his investment property settlement, for any issues with the project, delay, or any conflict, we help Mr Tang as a median to follow up, negotiate, give advice and to maintain a healthy relationship between the project developer and Mr Tang.

Mr Tang has since see his investment property growth in value of 10% each year, and with 0% occupancy rates, for the past 2 years. Mr Tang enjoy the tax depreciation benefits on the property, and also without any surprises on maintenance cost of his investment property. Mr Tang is very happy with QICG property, he see the QICG property consultant as professional, patient, experienced, and willing to go extra miles in negotiating the best deal for him.

Mr Tang in 2021 contact QICG property group again in regards to his next investment property, we are very happy and pleased that Mr Tang has been able to leverage his previous investment property to the next one this year!

"     To QICG Property, i would like to thank you for your professional advice and patient to walk me through my previous investment property in Brisbane, now i am able to use it to leverage for my next one this year. I am very grateful for the support and the deal negotiation with the project developer from my behalf, I have ask around my friends, all have said that i have got a great deal at the time. I would not able to come across the project myself if i didn't at the time seek for your service and project options. I would highly recommend QICG Property for anyone who is looking to invest and purchase their next property here in Queensland!     "

Mr Tang - Brisbane Local Restaurant Owner.

Please email or call 1300 002 880 for further Property Purchase Questions. We will response within 24 hours.
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