Welcome to our QICG Fund, we are currently providing funding and acquiring businesses that matches our QICG Capital Vision and Goals, business includes all start up, commercial properties, businesses, residential properties development, such as childcare centers, age-care, shopping center, commercial complex, management rights etc. If your have any businesses/properties looking to sell directly to us or if you currently have any businesses looking to raise capital for expansion or a joint venture partner, we are interested to discuss with you and your business, please call 1300 002 800 or email us at info@qicg.com.au

About QICG Fund

QICG funding are ranging from $100,000 to 5M to any start-up, commercial businesses, or properties projects. We will be investing, purchasing or funding direct into your business depends on your business needs. As we are actively expanding our investment portfolio to suit our different investor clientele internationally, we are always on the hunt for a good investment opportunities here in Queensland, Australia.

Funding for Queensland businesses

We are currently considering a broad range of business investment opportunities at the moment, please see the below of the funding or business acquisition we are currently looking at.

QICG referral program will give to any successful referrals who introduce a qualified business investment opportunities here in Queensland to our company. (please send us an email with the project info at info@qicg.com.au and our team will get back to you to discuss the fees further).