132 Visa Immigration Client Story (2)

Another successful case of one-step Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) application 

In China, Mr. Pan is engaged in a business of high-tech related industries. He has a background of having established a large science park in Guangzhou. The science park is a high-quality enterprise with excellent local reputation, great environment and fine profits, and has created a win-win situation with the local government and residents. Mr. Pan’s daughter had studied in Australia before, she was very adapted to Australia's education system and loved the school environment as well as all aspects of humanistic quality. She wanted to further education in her favourite Australian school in future. Meanwhile, to Mr. and Mrs. Pan, Australia's safe investment environment, good social welfare, excellent food quality, pleasant living environment and harmonious interpersonal relationship are all important considerations to attract them to come to Australia to live permanently.

After a comprehensive comparison, Mr. Pan planned to invest and live in Queensland - the sunshine capital. He inspected some local projects, such as fund share investment, financial debt business, etc., but after many discussions with the Queensland government, he found that these projects did not meet the requirements of business visa, and the State government did not encourage the passive income business type, so he spent two years inspecting some relatively stable businesses in Queensland, which could bring more entrepreneurial opportunities and tax revenue to the local. He also investigated manufacturing plants and industrial land, etc.

In the meantime, Mr. Pan found a QICG’s immigration consultant. The professional and friendly immigration consultant helped Mr. Pan analyse the business environment and his own business background, repeatedly communicated and carefully reviewed the business documents.

After the project is connected, QICG suggested that Mr. Pan invest in childcare center as it is more hopeful, because they serve for children. In addition, Mr. Pan's career in China is about enterprise integration, so he attaches great importance to an industry and a brand that can develop to a larger scale in the industry.

In the process of running the childcare center, Mr. Pan has learned how to operate it. He combined his own business experience in China withQueensland's local education mode and management methods, continued to integrate and innovate, and finally successfully made a breakthrough in business. The whole family also successfully obtained an immigrant visa.

QICG patiently collected all sorts of materials, continuously and intensively tracked and reviewed them. The whole process made Mr. Pan feel at ease. The one-stop overall service meets Mr. Pan's requirements and expectations for business since the project is connected. Meanwhile, through expanding business opportunities in Australia, new opportunities to live and work in Australia open up for them as well. Mr. Pan obviously feels that QICG’s immigration consultant deeply presents the professionalism of the company's team by not only connecting the business and providing one-stop overall service, but also following up the project management afterwards, which is far beyond what other commercial agencies can bring to Mr. Pan and his family.

QICG also sincerely congratulates Mr. Pan and his family, and believes that their business and life in Australia will be brilliant.

132 Visa
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