132 Visa Immigration Client Story

A successful case ofone-step Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) application 

Mr. Chen, 56-year-old, runs a large supermarket chain in China. He hopes to obtain an Australian permanent residency quickly and bring his 22-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter with him, wishing that his children will have a better education and living environment in the future.

Mr. Chen chose QICG one-stop immigration service team after comparing several immigration agencies because our company has a rich root of 20 years in immigration domain and has a large number of successful immigration cases. He is very convinced that the consultant team shows a high degree of professionalism when consulting about immigration matters. 

Mr. Chen is a customer owning the most [companies] in QICG overseas application history because he operates a chain enterprise. Due to the domestic business’ needs, he is not able to stay in Australia for along time. After analysing Mr. Chen's basic situation and demands, our Australian overseas department team recommended Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) for him to obtain the green card in one-step, and quickly started to solve the major problems he faced in the process of immigrating. 

First of all, in terms of financial audit, there were numerous difficulties because he has got lots of companies under his name. The document team arranged the client to prepare for the company's business and audit materials, repeatedly reviewed and screened the huge consolidated financial statements, supplemented and improved the missing documents, and finally solved the audit problem. In the mean time, immigration experts analyzed visa subclass 132 post audit conditions of all States in Australia for Mr. Chen, and selected the most cost-effective States to inspect. During the inspection, we not only arranged exclusive pick-up service, but also invited the local business team and the project party to illustrate during the whole process. After inspecting several projects including olive oil factory, kindergarten, retirement resort and red wine winery, we finally confirmed the project to be invested. 

QICG accurately analyzed the overall situation of the customer, and screened out the suitable way for him to obtain a green card quickly. In addition, the customer cooperated very well in the process of preparing for the materials, so the immigration process went very smoothly. In less than one and a half years, his Business Talent visa (subclass 132) got approved and he was directly granted Permanent Residency in Australia. Furthermore, the customer and his children obtained Permanent Residency subclass 132 in one step as well.    

Business Talent Immigration (subclass 132) is strict with the requirements of business

Australian Business Talent Immigration is the only one-step business migration project to get a green card in Australia. It requires a high investment cost for applicants, starting from a minimum of $1 million. The relatively more developed NSW requires an investment of no less than $1.5 million, and Victoria requires an investment of no less than $2million. 

In view of the huge amount of investment, the Immigration Department requires applicants not simply to invest in small businesses such as coffee shops, but operate enterprises with large capital flow, such as education industry, large service enterprise, processing industry, winery and farm, etc., or invest in some large-scale entity projects in Australia. Generally speaking, Australian Business Talent Immigration has higher requirements on the economic strength and personal business capability of the applicants.

Therefore, experts suggest that if investors intend to apply for the visa, they should not only have a strong desire to do business in Australia, but also be willing to spend more energy and efforts. Compared with entrepreneurs who have low budget and are more interested in small businesses, applying for Australian entrepreneur visa will be the most cost-effective choice. For those large and medium-sized entrepreneurs who have a large scale of business in China and have full plans to do business in Australia, it is more suitable to choose the Business Talent Immigration project with green card in one step. Investors are most welcome to consult with QICG immigration team on how to implement the business later on and how to write a business plan to ensure the smooth immigration process.
132 visa approve letter
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