October 21, 2021

Domain - Queensland Spotlight Report


It’s no secret that Queensland offers a life style you are hard-pressed to find elsewhere. With an appealing climate, boundless natural beauty, and with Brisbane a more affordable option to other metropolitan areas such as Melbourne and Sydney, the appeal to live or invest in Queensland is coming back in vogue.

As a leading property marketplace, Domain has a depth and breadth of insight in ‘realtime’ on the Australian property market.Through this data, and a team of dedicated research experts, the DomainSpotlight Report aims to help inspire confidence in all of life’s property decisions, by shining a light on property trends across Queensland.

The report dives into the various factors that influence the current Queensland property landscape. We explore the state of play, breaking it down by area as we know no two are the same, analyse key property trends that are emerging and uncover the driving factors behind these changes.

What makes property in Queensland so unique?


With the rise of work from home culture and digital work environments, many Aussies are finding that they can maintain their current career trajectory and earning power without compromising on location or lifestyle. This has led to many reconsidering where they wish to live and spend the extra time saved on the daily commute on leisure, that would normally be out of reach during the working week.


Affordability is the other crucial factor that comes into play when considering this newfound flexibility. With many prospective buyers priced out of Sydney and Melbourne, the opportunity to migrate North to the more attainable city of Brisbane and its surroundings becomes more appealing, particularly for changeover and first home buyers.


A key factor that differentiatesQueensland from other states is how internal migration is significantly boosting demand as people realise their working and living potential. This increased demand from those migrating within Australia adds an extra layer to the limited supply levels other states are facing.

Property features

Queensland homes boast space and features considered a luxury in many other states. They offer more land, larger house sizes and key property features such as pools and sheds, adding further to the alluring pull of the Sunshine State.

Infrastructure investment

As the state commits to significant investment in infrastructure in the lead up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympics, creating jobs, improving connectivity and increasing demand for housing, it is anticipated this will drive resilience and strength in property prices.

Top 10 Major development Projects: https://www.qicg.com.au/info/brisbane-development

Domain Queensland Spotlight Full Report: https://assets-global.website-files.com/5eda4c664bc6a5b095104ff2/6170dfc8587b5867309e6a89_Domain%20Queensland%20Spotlight%20Report_.pdf