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Queensland Investment Consulting Group is one of Australia leading investment consulting company in Queensland. We advise people on their investment in Immigration, Property, Commercial, Construction and Investment Fund. QICG is a large international network of experts committed to creating the best investment service and product to the client in need.
Project Transparency

Project transparency, Latest market information & update...

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Project Variety
Project Variety

Queensland Immigration Visa & Investment options in commercial, property, retail, childcare, medical...

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Exclusivity in some major Queensland commercial projects, property developments & immigration projects...

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QICG Belief

QICG prides itself on our team’s frontline experience across different industries and we have been driven by a deep sense of integrity and passion.

We believe in delivering our best customer service and product knowledge when consult with all of our clients. We also believe in building long-term relationship with our clients and networking partners...

More About Us

We equip leaders from strategy through execution

Our success is build on a very high standard customer service and product to all of our clients.

  • QICG have an extensive networks and exclusive channels, we are confident in providing the best value and the best products across the Queensland Region
  • With the backing of our networking companies, we have over 32 years’ experience delivering the most exclusive information, project, price and product in Immigration, Property, Commercial, Construction and Investment
  • We are reachable 24/7 - providing one on one service to all of our clients
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QICG is a professional comprehensive investment consulting company. The immigration department provides consulting services for studying in Australia and immigration to Australia.

  • We provide high-quality customized plan for you, bringing you and your family the best services.
  • We work closely with the immigration officer for our client, to help preparing all documents, follow-up, meeting etc.
  • We provide highly exclusive QLD investment project to our immigration client
  • We have extensive track record and history for all our successful client cases who we help to gain their PR and Citizenship in Australia
Australia Immigration

Our company work closely with other financial adviser, broker, banker, fund managers to give our client the best market finance advise, option and information.

  • We help our clients with all properties related loan whether is your first home purchase or refinancing for your investment properties
  • We give funding to the developer for their development projects
  • We help fund transfer from oversea to australia
  • We present you options for your investment whether its in properties, developments, retails or commericals
Customer Service

Our company work closely with other lawyer firms for our client inquiries in properties, commercials, and immigration.

  • Our lawyer can help with all your properties, commercials inquries
  • We have a dedicated immigration officer to help you apply for your Immigration Visa inquries. (mainly in 188, 132, 491 visa)
  • Our lawyer can help with all your Queensland investment needs
  • Our company work with third party company for any Business or Company due diligence
Legal & Compliance

QICG offer highly qualified & some exclusive investment projects to our investment clients local or overseas

  • Investment project includes properties, development, commercial, retail, across Queensland, Australia investment
  • We also specialised in investment projects in childcare, age-care, shopping center, plaza, medical-centre, solar panels, wineries, farms, electrical company, IT etc.
  • We provide private funds investment in unit trust, shares across different sectors in Technology, Commercial, Property, Import & Export, education insititution, etc.
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Featured Client
Success Story

“The consultant who took my case for my 132a immigration visa case were very friendly, trustworthy, and highly professional. She made the whole investment & immigration process very smoothly, with high communication skills and i have already introduce my friend to their company, and will continue to do so"

“The investment project introduced by QICG company's consultant were highly qualified, off the market and all the information provided to me are very transparent, the consultant spend time to understand what investment i was looking for before introducing the project, i am very pleased with the company and its professionalism”

“Thanks for QICG's consultant for introducing me a great business project for my major investment immigration visa, and also providing me the service of searching the right property that is suited for my family ! The whole process was very smooth and clearly explained by the consultant i was dealing with. I could not thanks them enough !”


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